ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS Eleventh Edition education tutorials 2019

The tutorials are provided as MP4 (video) files and zip/rar files (html view). Once extracted, open the folder Storyline output and then click either on the story.html or story_html5.html file. These files are best viewed in Google Chrome. The PDF files of the slides can also be downloaded from this page.

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Number OrderVideo Topic
(click the topic to view the mp4 video)
Download ZIP (html)File Size
Download PDF slides
1ACS0002 & ACS 0010**2424.95Download html7.68Download PDF
2Allergens and Anaphylaxis44.60Download html2.92Download PDF
3Ear, nose, mouth and throat89.75Download html5.35Download PDF
4Gynaecology, Obstetrics & Neonates1822.36Download html8.97Download PDF
5Neoplasms1011.11Download html5.14Download PDF
6Ophthalmology33.90Download html2.65Download PDF
7Wound management**48.37Download html8.37Download PDF
8Other ICD Changes**1416.33Download html6.97Download PDF
9Other ACHI Changes1617.52Download html7.58Download PDF
10Other ACS Changes77.81Download html3.56Download PDF
** Corrections have been made to the PDF slides effective 1 October 2019. Please use the PDF slides when watching the video for the correct version of the slides.

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